4M Green Science - Potato Clock

Dhs. 60.00

Power a digital clock using only a potato as power.

What! No Batteries? Be a scientist as you discover how to power this digital clock using potatoes. Experiment to find out what other substances will power the clock – you’ll be amazed! Caution: High Voltage Inspiration and Fun!

2016 A’ Design Award in Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design – Gold A’ Design Award (Italy)
2015 Red Dot Award – Product Design 2015 (Germany)
2014 Hong Kong Design Center, Design for Asia Awards – Bronze Award (HK)
2012 Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Innovative & Creativity (HK)

Skills Developed
Understanding of Science, Fine Motor, DIY, Exploration, Creativity

Weight and Dimensions
Weight: 58 g
Shipping Weight:58 g
Dimensions: 17 x 22 x 6cm

Recommended Ages: 8+

*Not suitable for children under 8 years