Viga Shape Sorting Cart

Dhs. 95.00

Learn 4 primary colours and 9 basic geometric shapes by touching and feeling these quality shape blocks made of solid wood.

Challenge yourself to match each block with its own shape hole in a shorter time each play. You can also pull the cart for extra fun.

Natural, Safe, Educational and Fun are the label of VIGA toys. Checkout VIGA's innovative range of children's wooden toys. VIGA - eco-friendly, montessori & open ended play. The paints and inks on VIGA toys are non-toxic, safety for child. All the toys are comply with European Safety Toys EN71 & ASTM Standards. 

Weight and Dimensions 
Weight: 1 Kg 
Shipping Weight: 0.92 Kg
Product Dimensions: 245x220x70mm

Recommended Ages: 2+


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