Poppik Sticker Poster - Constellation

Dhs. 105.00

Unfold this Poppik giant sticker mosaic poster and follow the number code to stick on the 1000 geometric colored stickers in the right place.

The stickers are removable in case of any mistakes! Bit by bit, a beautiful image of kaleidoscope mandalas in a starry sky.

This is an absorbing creative project that's perfect for kids aged 7+ and makes for a lovely calm moment of concentration. Once it's complete, it makes a super poster to hang on a wall.

French sticker art brand Poppik creates beautiful sticker mosaics on giant posters, fold-out cards and mini cards. Follow the numbered code and place the geometric stickers on the grid… slowly the image will appear!

There are different sizes and activities to suit children from age 2 to 10+. It's a lovely creative activity that promotes calm and concentration.

Suitable for age 7+.

Size: 100 x 60cm