Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox (2lb)

Dhs. 187.00

Mould and build endless creations with the Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box with the One and Only Kinetic Sand!

Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it. Kinetic Sand is such a cool sand you can’t put it down. It’s kinetic – meaning it sticks to itself and not to you allowing you to shape and mold create impressive pieces of art with great detail! It's unique formula makes it soft and stretchy, great to touch and play while delivering non-stop fun. It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes, flowing through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid, but leaves them completely dry making clean up super easy.

The Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box includes 2lbs of sand and provides an extra-large play space for kids to create anything they can imagine with the 7 multi-use molds and tools. Fold it up for easy storage and clean up, or open it to discover over 20 ways to play! Feel the fun with the Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box!

Skills Developed
Imagination, Creativity, Fine Motor, Sensory

Weight and Dimensions
Weight: 500 g
Shipping Weight: 500 g
Product Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 35 cm

Recommended Ages: 3+

*Not suitable for children under 3 years