4M Clean Water Science - Mini Water Filtration

Dhs. 60.00

This personal desalination kit demonstrates the scientific way to extract salt from sea water.

Perfect for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in chemistry and the environment.

2016 A’ Design Award in Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design – Gold A’ Design Award (Italy)
2015 Red Dot Award – Product Design 2015 (Germany)
2014 Hong Kong Design Center, Design for Asia Awards – Bronze Award (HK)
2012 Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Innovative & Creativity (HK)
2009 Parents’ Choice Award – Recommended Award (USA)

Skills Developed
Understanding of Science, Fine Motor, DIY, Exploration, Creativity, Imagination

Weight and Dimensions
Weight: 25 g
Shipping Weight: 25 g
Dimensions: 17cm x 22cm x 6cm

Recommended Ages: 5 +

*Not suitable for children under 5 years