Top 5 At-Home Educational Games for Your Kids

Top 5 At-Home Educational Games for Your Kids

Has your little one been staring at the TV or computer screen for hours on end? While cartoon shows and electronic games are fun for your child, too much screen time can cause social and attention problems. 

What is the better alternative to such pastimes?

Educational games! Think of them as your child’s teachers, ones that help instill important life skills from an early age.

Here are the top five learning games for kids that we recommend:

1. Learning Resources Magnetic Adding Machine (Recommended ages: 4+ years)
Learning Resources Magnetic Adding Machine

This toy from Learning Resources makes for a surprisingly easy math game for kids. Its funnel, tray, and cups can be attached to any magnetic-receptive surface, like a whiteboard. Kids can then place the balls into the funnel to try out simple counting concepts. This way, they’ll learn numbers as well as addition!

2. Mental Blox® Critical Thinking Game (Recommended ages: 5-9 years)

Learning Resources Critical Thinking Game

With this brain-boosting memory game for kids, you get 20 chunky plastic blocks and a stack of activity cards. Children simply have to analyze a card or listen to a player describe a structure. Then, they can recreate structures using memory, strategy, or both! This toy enhances problem-solving skills and improves ability to follow instructions.

3. Orchard Toys Match and Spell (Recommended age: 4+ years)
Orchard Toys Match and Spell

Teach your kids spellings and phonetics using the Match and Spell game by Orchard Toys. Recommended by Good Toy Guide and winner of the 2016 Practical Preschool Awards Silver, it helps in guided and independent word building. Kids can match pictures with words or collect letters to spell the picture on the board.

4. Time Activity Set (Recommended ages: 5-8 years)

Learning Resources Time Activity Set

Telling time can be a difficult skill for young children to learn. They often get confused with all the numbers. Here comes Time Activity Set to the rescue! It comprises a plastic clock with movable hands, a write-and-wipe clock, 24 digital puzzle cards, write-and-wipe activity cards, and more. Use this activity to help your children read both digital and analog clocks with ease!

5. Hape Monster Math Scale (Recommended age: 3+ years)
Hape Monster Math Scale

Kids love watching monster movies and cartoons, so why not introduce this element into their games as well? This monster math game is designed to introduce your child to concepts of weights, balance, and measurements. Place the little monster weights on the scale and let your kids discover the joy of mathematics!

Kids tend to retain the lessons they learn during early childhood. After all, don’t we all still remember the games we once played as kids? 

At Toyzees, we handpick educational games for kids that help in early learning. Choose from our wide selection of toys and let the fun-filled education begin!

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