Make Learning Fun with These 5 Games

Make Learning Fun with These 5 Games

For most of us, childhood was about playing with friends or going on holidays with our families. Studying was just something that adults made us do. 

Your kids might feel the same way. 

Give them a break from monotonous schoolwork by using math puzzles, alphabet learning games, letter games for kids, and more!

Here are five such games that make learning fun for your little one: 

1. Math for Love - Tiny Polka Dot (Recommended ages: 3-8)

Math for Love Tiny Polka Dot

Colors and objects make kids curious, but mathematics is often their enemy. With the multiple award winning Tiny Polka Dot game by Math for Love, you get 16 easy-to-learn polka dot card designs to make arithmetic fun! The cards are marked with numbers and teach
number names and order, one-to-one correspondence, addition, and subtraction. This cool math game for kids is also teacher-approved and won the Creative Child Game of the Year 2017 award.

2. Tiger Tribe Magnificent World of ABC - Animals (Recommended ages: 4+)

Tiger Tribe Magnificent World of Animals

With 80 colorful letter magnets, 48 creative picture magnets, and eight innovative grouping cards, the Animals alphabet game by Tiger Tribe Magnificent World of ABC introduces your children to the wondrous world of letters. Kids need to choose a group card, find the picture magnets that match it, and then spell out the word with the magnetic letters. Along with teaching spelling, this game improves creativity, word recognition, and personal skills.

3. Viga Ludo Board Game (Recommended ages: 3+)
Viga Ludo Board Game

Ludo is a classic and beloved game that has been played by people all over the world for years. But did you know that it improves concentration and strategic thinking? And to keep the kids engaged, you get 16 wooden tokens in the shape of cute animals, along with four dice. Roll the dice and race to get all four of your tokens to the center of the board!

4. Educational Insights Kanoodle® Jr. (Recommended ages: 4-7)

Educational Insights Kanoodle Jr

Kanoodle Jr. is based on the Award-winning Kanoodle brain game series. Simple and clever, it won the Parent's Choice Silver Honor Award 2017. Kids get to solve 60 puzzle challenges, with large puzzle pieces that are the perfect size for little hands. Slide the pieces onto the board for fun solo play. The game refines spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. 

5. Orchard Toys - What's The Time Mr. Wolf (Recommended ages: 5-9)
Orchard Toys What's The Time Mr. Wolf

Kids often get confused with different numbers when trying to tell time. What’s the Time Mr. Wolf by Orchard Toys offers cute bunnies and hedgehogs to help kids win the game by getting the time right, on both analog and digital clocks. Made for two for four players, this game gets kids to match the time to the central clock and understand concepts of time quickly!

Games play a large role in kids' lives. Those like number puzzles and math games offer the perfect tool for them to explore their true potential. Since their minds are still developing, it is easy for them to grasp and learn new things. 

Introduce them to these handpicked games and toys from Toyzees to make learning fun!

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