5 STEM toys to Build Your Kids’ Future

5 STEM toys to Build Your Kids’ Future

Today, kids are not always as interested in science and mathematics as they are in the latest games to play. 

So, how do you get them excited about studying?

The answer is STEM toys!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  

These games are so refreshingly challenging and innovative that children spend hours learning through playing. These fancy toys also pique their interest in STEM education from an early age.

Here are five STEM toys that we recommend: 


  • Learning Resources Design & Drill® Convertible (Recommended Ages: 3+)
  • Learning Resources Design & Drill Convertible


    Playing with a toy car and creating a ruckus all around the house is what kids love doing. But have you ever let them create the car? Design and Drill Convertible by Learning Resources does just that. Your little mechanic can put the car together using 6 snap-on parts, a kid-safe power drill, and 15 colorful bolts. He can also customize the car with a variety of stickers!

  • 4M Green Science - Solar Rover (Recommended Ages: 5+)
  • 4M Green Science Rover

    A winner of the 2016 A’ Design Award in Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design–Gold A’ Design Award (Italy), 2011 Brazil Award for Excellence Toy–Excellence in Toy (Brazil), and many other accolades, this DIY STEM game by 4M Green Science is sure to generate your kid’s interest in science and energy. Building the solar rover from scratch enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Keep the rover on a smooth, straight surface and watch it function without a battery!

  • GraviTrax - Starter Set (Recommended Ages: 8+)
  • Gravitrax

    The starter set of GraviTrax is a stylish and fancy STEM game that educates kids about gravity, kinetic energy, and magnetism while doubling up the fun. Blueprints and tracks are provided. Kids can also use their imagination and knowledge to freestyle with their own track designs and set the gravity spheres rolling. If they fly off, it’s time to start building again!

  • Learning Resources STEM Explorers: Magnet Movers (Recommended Ages: 5-9)

    Learning Resources Magnet Movers

    Magnets have always sparked curiosity in kids, who stick these objects anywhere they can. This 39-piece set of magnet movers by Learning Resources STEM Explorers offers colorful magnetic accessories, an activity guide, and a magnetic wand. With hand-on learning, children explore some basic physics and magnetism while gaining critical thinking skills.

  • Hape Junior Inventor Magnet Science Lab (Recommended Ages: 4+)

  • Hape Junior Inventor Magnet Science Lab

    This science kit provides a range of items like a bouncing magnet, a magic fish, a spinning planet, and so much more. Use them to conduct seven different science experiments. This toy improves logical thinking, motor skills, cognitive abilities, and engineering skills, perfect for young Einsteins.

    Through STEM toys, kids learn a lot more than just the four subjects. They also:

    • Gain problem-solving skills 
    • Learn how to apply knowledge
    • Learn how to take risks and innovate
    • Understand teamwork, resilience, and communication

    Introduce these engaging and smart STEM games handpicked by Toyzees into your child’s life and bring out their inner genius.

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