5 Educational Gifts Perfect for Christmas

5 Educational Gifts Perfect for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again, and you are getting ready for festive frolic, be it with pretty decorations or tasty treats!

Christmas is a beautiful occasion that you can celebrate with your family. Your kids, especially, are the ones most excited about this day. 

And who can blame them? They’re about to receive presents!

Gifting toys to your children has become a Christmas tradition, but can you give them more than just a simple race car or doll? The answer is yes.

Here are five educational Christmas gifts for kids that will challenge them to grow smarter and develop their natural talents and skills.

1. 4M KidzLabs - Kitchen Science (Recommended ages: 8+)
4M Kitchen Science

This Kitchen Science game by 4M KidzLabs will not only grab your kids’ attention but also improve their creativity and teach them about science. Junior can generate electricity by using only a lemon and a fork, or build a table-top volcano that erupts with bubbly “lava”! This useful Christmas gift for kids won the 2011 Parents’ Choice Award–Recommended Award (USA) and many other accolades.

2. Orchard Toys World Map Jigsaw Puzzle & Poster (Recommended ages: 5-10)
Orchard Toys World Map

This World Map jigsaw puzzle by Orchard Toys helps your kids discover the beautiful world. Children get to it put together and learn about different countries and their inhabitants, animals, and landmarks. It improves hand-eye coordination, social skills, and motor skills. You also get a poster that can be hung on the bedroom wall!

3. PicassoTiles 3D Magnetic Building Block Tiles Set Size: PT101 101 Piece Set (Recommended ages: 3+)

Picasso Tiles 3D Magnetic Building Block Tiles Set 101

Building blocks are necessary toys that children grow up playing with; so, this innovative 3D Magnetic Building Block Tiles set makes for an interesting Christmas gift idea. Junior can create as big a structure as he likes with 101 pieces! The colorful 3D geometrical shapes of squares and triangles marked with numbers and possessing magnetic polarities improve imagination, color recognition, and motor skills. 

4. Math for Love – Prime Climb (Recommended ages: 10+)

Math for Love Prime Climb

The winner of Brain Toy—Academics' Choice, National Parenting Product Awards, and many other accolades, Prime Climb by Math for Love is just the right mix of fun and challenge, and strategy and luck. This board game explores prime numbers and cultivates basic math skills like addition, subtraction, factorization, and multiplication. Roll the dice and bump your opponents to reach the center of the board!

5. Poppik My Sticker Mosaic - Christmas (Recommended ages: 4+)
Poppik My Sticker Mosaic - Christmas

My Sticker Mosaic Christmas puzzle by Poppik offers 750 geometric, colored stickers that kids need to use to create a beautiful Christmas picture. The stickers can be removed and used again in case of any mistakes; you also get a number code to ensure the stickers go in the right place on the grid. 

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Instead of gifting any ordinary toy that your kid will soon grow tired of, this year try these award winning innovative games that are educational and enlightening. 

Browse through our collection of handpicked kid’s Christmas gift ideas and give your little one a memorable learning experience.

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