5 Best Puzzles for Your Child’s Early Development

5 Best Puzzles for Your Child’s Early Development

His chubby fingers grab a few puzzle pieces, trying to figure out how they fit. In just a few months, this confusing jigsaw puzzle will be as easy as pie. Pretty soon, your little one will be putting together similar puzzles with ease.

How so? 

Well, solving puzzles helps in your child’s early development. While puzzles come in the guise of toys, they serve as fantastic learning tools! 

Through trial and error, they encourage kids to think, understand, envision, and realize how the mixed-up pieces fit. From improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to enhancing spatial awareness and strategic thinking—the power of puzzles cannot be overstated.

Here are five fun and educational puzzle games that we recommend for your young one.

Mudpuppy Search & Find Puzzle—Ocean Life (Recommended ages: 4+)

Mudpuppy Search & Find Puzzle Ocean Life
This 64-piece jigsaw puzzle depicts a diverse marine life in attractive colors printed with safe, non-toxic, and soy-based inks. Once it is put together, test the knowledge and observation skills by getting your child to identify over 40 sea creatures. Can Junior find them all?

Tiger Tribe Button Puzzle (Recommended ages: 3+)

Tiger Tribe Button Puzzle

This puzzle comes with 32 colorful buttons and 10 double-sided activity picture cards for 20 illustrations. A card can be placed over the board, which is drilled with a grid of button holes that align with those on the card. Different buttons can then be placed into these holes to complete the picture. Your kids can learn counting, sorting, and how to follow a pattern with this toy.

Hape Creative Peg Puzzle (Recommended ages: 18 months+)

Hape Creative Peg Puzzle

kid’s puzzle is sure to keep your little one engaged in hours of play. It doubles as a stacking and sorting activity, allowing children to twist different shapes onto the four posts in any order they wish. The base of the posts can then be joined to complete the puzzle. In addition to learning patience, Junior can understand the concept of cause and effect with this toy.

Orchard Toys Giant Road Jigsaw (Recommended ages: 3+)

Orchard Toys Giant Road Jigsaw Puzzle

Let your kid’s imagination blossom with this floor jigsaw by Orchard Toys. Children can tell a different story every time they play with this giant road made of 20 interchangeable pieces. They can also extend the track and attach more roads, railways, cars, and characters for imaginative play with the Junctions expansion pack. Ideal for teaching kids about road safety, this puzzle is the winner of the Creative Play Awards 2011 and Silver Right Star Best Toy Awards 2015. 

Mudpuppy Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzle—Outer Space (Recommended ages: 5+)

Mudpuppy Glow in the Dark Outer Space Puzzle 

Explore the galaxy with 100 pieces of interstellar fun! The winner of the Family Choice 2016 Award and Tillywig Best Family Fun Award, this Mudpuppy puzzle meets CPSIA, ASTM, and CE Safety Regulations. Once it is completed, turn out the lights to let your child revel in the glow-in-the-dark magic!

Every mother wants to see her child grow into an independent, confident, and well-rounded individual. From alphabet puzzles to animal puzzles —these toys can bring you closer to that dream. 

Puzzles from Toyzees can help your child learn, grow, and develop from a young age. Choose from the wide selection of puzzles available on our website and allow your little ones to uncover their true potential.

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